Our Ingredients.


Aussie Cordial is manufactures at several locations across the USA - making it more economical for us to ship product.  A great deal of time and effort goes into our choosing a manufacturing partner to make sure they have all of the certifications and high standards that are expected in the Beverage Industry.


The sweeteners we use in Aussie Cordial are  Stevia leaf extract 95%, erythritol - both excellent choices as they have zero glycemic index effect, are known to reduce blood pressure and hypertension and even help prevent cavities.  Major studies around the world have shown n o adverse toxic, allergenic or carcinogenic effects from Stevia.

Other ingredients include citric acid to balance the sweetness,  natural fruit flavors, vegetable juice for natural colors and Pectin as a thickener.   We DO NOT use the Pectin that is used by most beverages and is formed from Maltodextrin as we wanted to give diabetics a great healthy choice too - instead we use a 100% natural and safe pectin.  We currently use Sodium Benzoate as a preservative but are shelf life testing a new formula without the preservative - taking the health benefits just one step further for you.

Sourcing Ingredients

All of our ingredients are sourced from within North America and are of the highest possible standards.  Again - a great deal of time was spent meeting new companies to make sure they had the same business ethics that Aussie Cordial adheres too. While we cannot currently put it on the bottle until we have all of our certifications in place our ingredients are Non GMO, Kosher, Gluten Free, Halal, Hypoallergenic, Zero Trans Fat, Zero Cholesterol, All Natural, and minimally processed.

And it goes without saying - we would NEVER work with a company who was involved in any form of animal testing.

Need More information?

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