Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How many serves does one bottle of Aussie Cordial make?

One bottle of Aussie Cordial 2 liter will make well over 5 gallons.  It is very concentrated so you only need a tiny amount - around half an ounce - mixed with a full glass of icy cold water, and throw in some ice if you can - its great icy cold!   Some people like it sweeter and some like just an essence taste - so one bottle of Aussie Cordial will make between 100-120 serves!

What sweetener do you use?

Aussie Cordial spent three years formulating our cordial to make it the healthiest version we could.  We chose to spend more on our ingredients to avoid artificial sweeteners, cane sugar and other disease causing ingredients.  We use a combination of Stevia Leaf and Erythritol to naturally sweeten our cordial.  Neither Stevia nor Erythritol cause any affect on blood sugars or cause tooth decay.


My kids don't like the taste of Stevia - will they like Aussie Cordial?

Kids LOVE Aussie Cordial - the blend of Stevia and Erythritol (a natural sugar alcohol with no alcohol or sugar) totally removes the taste of Stevia.  Occasionally we get someone who says they can taste it - but they are a rare connoisseur of Stevia - and they still love the taste.  What we most often are commented on is the aftertaste - its just pure flavor - no stevia or chemicals!

Where is your product made and is it the same as the Australian Cotties Cordial?

While the Cordial concept is Australian, just as our CEO is, our product is different.  The Australian Cordial that all good Aussies grew up on became a billion dollar business with every family having at least two bottles in their cupboard.   But recently it has had a huge decline as people in Australia are becoming more aware of sugar content in things they are giving their kids.  Our Aussie Cordial is a much healthier version and is made here in the USA!  We are currently bottled in Las Vegas and Utah and will have several other bottling facilities across the USA to keep our shipping costs as low as we can to keep Aussie Cordial affordable for you?