About Us


Here at the Aussie Cordial Company our goal is to help you ditch "singe use plastic bottles". We want to contribute to a world without sugar addiction, diabetes or obesity; a world with a clean ocean and environment. We want to disrupt the beverage industry and influence both those before us, and those after us, to make strong and empathetic environmental decisions.

Achieving the Unthinkable!

While our competitor had a guy in the basement dreaming of a healthy drink with barely any calories and "unbelieving" the sugar beverage industry (kudos to you Bai - we love you) we had  a single mother who was homeless, who was determined to not only get back on her feet and be able to feed her kids, but to contribute to the health of kids all over the USA.  A task way too big for most people to ever achieve - but not our CEO.   Well, like Bai Beverages who have a war cry of "Unbelieve", we have a war cry too here at Aussie Cordial too.  We are "Achieving the Unthinkable" - a really healthy, great tasting, NO CALORIE beverage that kids just go nuts over that is super economical!!!

Our CEO has committed to helping other homeless families and homeless veterans as part of our "Good Deeds" project so that they may too Achieve the Unthinkable.  🙂

Meet the Team

"My name is Kim Johnston and I am the Founder and CEO of The Aussie Cordial Company.  I created this company with a desire to keep it as a family business.  I have very strong beliefs and  ethics regarding the environment and our communities and my families responsibilities as a corporation and by keeping control of this business we are able to make sure that our philosophies in business remain true".

Kim S Johnston

Founder & CEO

Single mom, entrepreneur and philanthropist whose mission is to create a company that stands true to its ethical commitments. A big believer in "anything is possible if you work hard enough".

Kirby B Johnston

Vice President

Kirby is our VP of Sales and CFO. His hard work and commitment  made it possible for Aussie Cordial to launch in the USA.

Darcy B Johnston

VP Good Deeds Operations

Darcy is a world traveler and is slated to run our Good Deeds project in 2018.  He will be searching the USA and world looking for communities and people who are desperate for help.

Boomer the Kangaroo

Company Mascot

Boomer enjoys entertaining the kids at the Children's Hospital and Charity Events. He is always happiest when surrounded by kids!

Tyson W Johnston

VP Advertising

Our outstanding creative department have incredible vision for creative, out of the box advertising and marketing ideas that make Aussie Cordial stand out from its competitors.